Prepping Basics – Prepping 101

If the past couple of years have proven anything, preppers were right. The S can hit the fan anytime and woe unto you if you’re unprepared. Not only will you be facing empty shelves at the supermarket, but you could have a tyrannical governor who strips you of your rights and orders you to stay indoors, where you’ll have to try and get by without sufficient supplies to tide you over. Not good.

There has never been a better time to embrace preparedness. Or should we say re-embrace preparedness? Because prepping is not a new phenomenon dreamed up by loners in the backwoods of Idaho. It’s something your great-grandparents (and if you’re over 50, your grandparents) did as a matter of course. They understood that it’s a harsh, unpredictable spacetime continuum, and it’s better to have some preserves in the basement than not.

So we’re here today to provide an introduction of sorts to the fine art of prepping in order to bring you up to speed on what grandma knew all those years ago. We’re going to start with a simple question we hear all the time: (more…)

First Aid Kits Treatments

First Aid Kits Treatments

Almost everyone will require first aid at some point in their lives. In an emergency or accident, you want to be prepared. You may already have a good understanding of first aid. But knowing that first aid is the immediate and first help offered to someone who is ill or injured is essential to preserving life and promoting recovery. First aid care may be sufficient for minor injuries like cuts, bruises, or burns. (more…)

Why Hunters Should Always Carry a Tactical Flashlight

Flashlights have come a long way in recent years. It wasn’t that long ago that “powerful flashlight” meant one of those foot-long plastic jobs that held 4 D batteries, produced a dim, inconsistent beam of light and weighed about 5 pounds.

Today, we have lithium-ion powered LED tactical flashlights that pump out several times the lumens of the old quadruple-D cannon, weigh about 90% less, are water-resistant and much tougher. All good things as far as hunters are concerned.

But besides the fact that they’re bright and light and water-tight, what are the specific reasons a hunter should always have one of these puppies at the ready? (more…)