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Meet the Team

Scott- BestSurvival founder

Scott grew up exploring the mountains of central Idaho. He participated in Boy Scouts an achieved the rank of Eagle Scout. He accomplished multiple “50 miler” trips and climbed the tallest mountain in Idaho(Mt Borah). He grew up hunting and fishing and spending a lot of times in the wilderness. He also has experience with emergency preparedness. While he was living in Chile, he experienced the 5th largest earthquake in the world(at the time). It was an 8.8 on the Richter scale. He was less than 50 miles from the epicenter when it happened and has multiple stories and experiences from the situation. A natural disaster can change our situation in a instant.

The earthquake knocked out water, power, and phone service for a week. After a few days people started raiding stores and going around with guns raiding homes and small stores. Eventually the Country of Chile had to bring in the military and impose a curfew to restore order. Scott has had multiple experiences over his lifespan that has shaped him into an expert prepper, hunter and outdoorsman. His passion is helping people become prepared for many different situations.


Tanner- Research and Field Specialist

Tanner spends most of his time in the outdoors. He loves testing and torturing GEAR. He is our primary gear tester. He doesn’t really believe in “days off”. From snowstorms to 100 degree heat, he is out in the mountains putting the gear to the test.

Rich- Lead Content Writer

Rich is a very experienced content writer with over 10 years under his belt. He is very knowledgeable and is eager to share his wisdom with the world. He grew up in the back woods of Maine and has the stories to show for it. He is a crucial asset to BestSurvival.