Rokon for Hunters – Review

You don’t buy a Rokon because you want to impress the masses at Daytona Bike Week. You buy a Rokon because you want your hunt to be as successful as possible and your ATV will only take you so far. Sure, on a logging road or a well worn path that ATV might be more stable. But when the logging road ends and those ATVs have to turn around, you’re free to continue your pursuit on your Rokon.

Compared to a standard dirt bike the Rokon is quiet as hell and stable as a tuned mass damper. And it has something else no dirt bike can touch: all wheel drive. If you’re tired of schlepping your gear on foot through the thicket for mile after mile, and you’ve tried ATVs but found their range limiting and the noise they make unacceptable, a Rokon might be just what the doctor ordered. (more…)

10 Best Hunting Arrows (2022 Update) Buyer’s Guide

The arrows you fire should be able to transfer all the power of your bow to the target. If you choose high-quality arrows that are straight, the right stiffness for their intended use, and the right length to promote safe, effective operation of the bow, they will. Beyond that, you’ll also need to ensure you’re using the right fletching and the right nock to facilitate effective delivery, and the right point to deal with the target.

There are a lot of arrows on the market today. Many seem like incredible deals at first, but if you look a little closer you realize they’re not intended for hunting. So how do you go about finding hunting arrows without spending days sifting through hundreds of irrelevant choices? You start right here, with our list of the best hunting arrows of 2021. (more…)

10 Best Hot Tents (2022 Update) Buyer’s Guide

Every experienced outdoorsman understands one cardinal rule when it comes to gas stoves: don’t bring your stove inside the tent. Stoves release carbon monoxide that can, and often does, result in death for campers who were just trying to stay warm.

The one exception to the rule is the hot tent. The hot tent is not a new idea (armies have been using the hot tent forever) but it is only recently that it has gained significant traction in the civilian camping space.

The hot tent allows you to bring a wood stove into your tent and safely vent smoke and carbon monoxide to the outdoors through a stovepipe. The effect is to create your own private winter lodge right in the middle of the forest. Nice. Below are the best hot tent options for 2021. (more…)