Best Rifle Sling (2022 Update) Buyer’s Guide

Whether you’re spending a week in the backcountry tracking elk or you’re just out for a weekend deer hunt, your rifle sling is important. Choose a good one and you’ll barely notice the rifle is there as you hike. Choose a poor one and you’ll constantly be adjusting your firearm to try and find a comfortable position.

You could, of course, just carry your rifle the whole time, but that will get tiring really quick. And besides, you’re not trudging the dusty, sniper infested backroads of Chaparhar Province, you’re hunting. It’s supposed to be fun.

Below we’re going to take a look at the best rifle slings on the market today. If the time has come to replace your sling, take a few minutes and peruse our list before you buy anything. (more…)

4Patriots Review

4Patriots is a company out of Nashville, TN that specializes in disaster preparedness products. Although 4Patriots has been around since 2008, events of the past year – where travel was shut down, panic buying emptied supermarket shelves and governments dictated that people were forbidden to go out for months at a time – brought increased attention to 4Patriots and their product offerings, in particular their emergency food supply kits. (more…)

Wilderness First Aid Basics

Hunters, hikers, mountain bike riders and anyone else who ventures into the wilderness needs to appreciate that injuries are a very real possibility. One of the reasons backcountry trips are exciting is because you’re disconnected from most aspects of civilization. And while being far from the urban sprawl can mean incredible stargazing it also means that if someone in your party gets hurt you, or one of your fellow adventurers will need to be the first responder of record.

Below, we’re going to take a look at some typical wilderness injury scenarios and the best ways to respond. This is not intended to substitute for real medical training. Instead, the goal is to provide you with some basic knowledge so you can respond in a productive way should an injury occur. (more…)

Rokon for Hunters – Review

You don’t buy a Rokon because you want to impress the masses at Daytona Bike Week. You buy a Rokon because you want your hunt to be as successful as possible and your ATV will only take you so far. Sure, on a logging road or a well worn path that ATV might be more stable. But when the logging road ends and those ATVs have to turn around, you’re free to continue your pursuit on your Rokon.

Compared to a standard dirt bike the Rokon is quiet as hell and stable as a tuned mass damper. And it has something else no dirt bike can touch: all wheel drive. If you’re tired of schlepping your gear on foot through the thicket for mile after mile, and you’ve tried ATVs but found their range limiting and the noise they make unacceptable, a Rokon might be just what the doctor ordered. (more…)