Top 20 Survival Tips (2023 Update)

The enlightened survivalist/prepper/outdoorsman is nothing if not flexible. Whether you’re faced with the apocalypse or a hunting accident transcending difficulty calls for quick thinking and the ability to improvise. Preppers all hope their years of careful preparation will pay off if the SHTF. But in truth, there is no way of telling exactly how much S will HTF and what form it will take. So an open mind and the ability to think on one’s feet is essential.

The following survival hacks and tips represent a cross-section of our own ideas and those gleaned from others over the years. It’s not a comprehensive list since, again, who’s to say what form your particular challenge will take? But these hacks should be enough to at least get you thinking in non-linear terms. So here they are, the 20 best survival hacks/tips for 2021. (more…)

9 Best Portable Generators (Update 2022) Buyer’s Guide

A portable generator is the solution to all your power needs away from home. In addition to being a great power source for outdoor recreation, a portable generator can also be a lifesaver for unforeseen circumstances and emergency situations that could leave your home without power for days at a time.

By definition, a portable generator is “the combination of an electrical generator and an engine mounted together to form a single piece of equipment.” (1) This single piece of equipment is essential if your family’s camping needs depend on a reliable power source, or if you live in any area where a natural disaster could leave you without power for an extended period. (more…)

4Patriots Review

4Patriots is a company out of Nashville, TN that specializes in disaster preparedness products. Although 4Patriots has been around since 2008, events of the past year – where travel was shut down, panic buying emptied supermarket shelves and governments dictated that people were forbidden to go out for months at a time – brought increased attention to 4Patriots and their product offerings, in particular their emergency food supply kits. (more…)