10 Best Get Home Bags (2022 Update) Buyer’s Guide

A Get Home Bag recognizes that sometimes the SHTF when you are away from home. It’s loaded with the essential things you need to get back to your loved ones so you can either hunker down, or grab your Bug Out Bag and head for the hills.

Get Home Bags are not marketed as such. Instead, we assess the relative merits of the current crop of backpacks to determine which make the best get home bags of 2021. (more…)

Vaultek VT20i

10 Best Gun Safes (2022 Update) Buyer’s Guide

Keeping your guns safe and secure is one of the most important parts of being a gun owner.  You want to ensure the safety of those that are in your household at all times, including children and visitors.  Finding the right gun safe should be one of the main priorities if you plan on keeping them in your home.

There are many different shapes and sizes of gun safes, from small one gun compartments to huge multi-rifle configurations.  The size and overall quality will depend on how many guns you own and where you plan on placing the gun safe for your family’s safety.

Let’s take a look at the Top 10 Gun Safes on the market today.  We’ll give you options in every size and shape you can imagine to help you decide what is exactly the right fit for you. (more…)