8 Best Stun Guns (2023 Update) Buyer’s Guide

Stun guns are one of the most effective, yet misunderstood self defense weapons in use today. A stun gun is a type of electronic weapon that delivers a powerful jolt of electricity that courses through the recipient’s body, causing them to suffer a loss of motor function which usually, though not always, results in them falling to the ground and being incapacitated for a period of time.

Stun guns are close contact weapons that require you hold them against the assailant’s body in order to deliver the shock. This is in contrast to tasers that fire tethered darts at the target. These darts take hold of the person’s skin and 50,000 volts of electricity is then dispensed through the tethering wire into the person’s body for 5 seconds. (more…)

10 Best Door Reinforcement’s (2022 Update) Buyer’s Guide

We tend to think of B&E guys as being furtive types who linger in the shadows and look for an open basement or garage window. But that’s not the case. Most go straight for the front door.

Why is that? Well, there are a couple reasons. First off, a surprising number of people simply forget to lock the front door behind them when they go out. Or they leave via the garage and forget that they left the front door unlocked.

In other cases the burglar will see an old door and determine that it’s no match for a good crow bar or a straightforward blunt force assault. And all too often, they’re right.

The best way to significantly upgrade the security profile of your home then, is to reinforce the front door. Below we take a look at the best door reinforcement devices and kits currently on the market. (more…)

10 Best Window Security Bars (2022 Update) Buyer’s Guide

Whether you call them window bars, security bars, burglar bars or anything else, window bars exist to allow you to sleep a little better at night.

Some window bars are fixed in place over the entire window opening, some can be put in place and removed at will, others swing open to make cleaning the window easier and still others don’t cover the window at all, they just prevent someone from opening it.

Below we are going to look at all of the product available and select the best window bars of 2022. (more…)