Keeping your guns safe and secure is one of the most important parts of being a gun owner.  You want to ensure the safety of those that are in your household at all times, including children and visitors.  Finding the right gun safe should be one of the main priorities if you plan on keeping them in your home.

There are many different shapes and sizes of gun safes, from small one gun compartments to huge multi-rifle configurations.  The size and overall quality will depend on how many guns you own and where you plan on placing the gun safe for your family’s safety.

Let’s take a look at the Top 10 Gun Safes on the market today.  We’ll give you options in every size and shape you can imagine to help you decide what is exactly the right fit for you.

1. Vaultek VT20i Smart Pistol Safe

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The first safe on this list is a single pistol case, but it is the cream of the crop.  You will not find a more refined, nor feature rich pistol safe than the Vaultek VT20i.

It looks like a high tech gadget straight out of a James Bond movie, but the performance doesn’t lie.  It is made out of high quality 16-gauge carbon steel, and backed up by cutting edge technology.

The fingerprint sensor and quick open lid work perfectly.  You have near instant access to your pistol should the need arise.

There is also bluetooth smart technology built in, giving you an app on your phone to control every aspect of this safe.  Check the battery life, unlock the main lock, check for tampering, and more, all right from your own phone.

If you are looking for a safe to hold a single pistol, you will not find a better one on the market than the Vaultek VT20i.

2. Stealth Handgun Hanger Safe

Stealth Handgun Hanger

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If you are the owner of multiple handguns, and are not looking to store rifles or shotguns as well, the Stealth Handgun Hanger Safe is a great option.

With the ability to hang 3 pistols and lay 2 flat below, you have the ability to store up to 5 pistols in this case.  The bottom would also be good for storing ammunition if you didn’t need the extra pistol space.

Made from a strong solid steel, this thing is built like a tank.  Stealth has also included anti-pry tabs to make sure no one can break into the safe and take your guns.

The quick access spring drop down door ensures you can have a pistol in your hand as quickly as possible should the need arise.  No need to worry about fumbling around and missing the opportunity.

Overall, this Stealth pistol safe is a great choice if you are the owner of a few pistols.  It will keep them safe and secure, while allowing you quick access in a quality built housing.

3. SentrySafe QAP2EL Gun Safe

SentrySafe QAP2EL

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Staying in the pistol safe section, we have the SentrySafe QAP2EL Gun Safe.  It may not have a great name, but it does a fantastic job of storing your weapons.

This pistol safe has room for 2 handguns, with a LED lighted interior for easy access in the dark.  The all  metal construction provides great durability and protection.

This safe is the perfect size to put into a drawer on your nightstand at your bedside.  If you are looking for a good home defense safe, this one does a great job.

The keypad for entry into the safe is lighted and has a nice feel.  If there is any issue with it, however, there is always the backup key which is guaranteed to work in a pinch.

Overall, the SentrySafe QAP2EL is a really good choice for a gun safe to tuck away in your nightstand.

4. Goplus Quick Access Pistol Safe

Goplus Quick Access Pistol Safe

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The last pistol sized case on our list is our budget option, the goplus Quick Access Pistol Safe.

This beauty is one of the most basic pistol safes on the market, but that doesn’t mean it is not a great choice.

This safe is made from high density steel, making it a top notch at keeping your guns safe and secure.  It also includes mounting hardware to allow you to mount it in your desired location and not worry about someone taking it away.

This safe includes a security alarm to let you know if tampering is evident, and a removable shelf to compartmentalize your interior components.  These are both great features, especially on a budget item.

If you want to keep your handguns in a safe but don’t want to break the bank, the Goplus is a good safe to choose.  Don’t let the basic looks fool you, it will get the job done.

5. V-Line 31242-SA Long Gun Safe

V-Line 31242-SA

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V-Line has crafted a fantastic gun safe in the 31242-SA Long Gun safe.  It is made in the USA as well.

If you are looking for a safe that can store your favorite AR-15 or other long guns, this is a great choice at an affordable price.

You get an all metal construction, which means a sturdy outer case that can protect your weapon from almost anything.

There are no batteries required here, the mechanical keypad and lock system works great. That means no charging or replacing batteries, just push in the combination and open the door.

If you want to lock the case even more when quick access is not a primary concern, you can do so with the double lock system.

All in all, this case has enough room to hold your gun and do so well.  The sturdy, rugged construction and high quality materials will give you peace of mind in any situation.

6. Steelwater Standard Duty EGS5922

Steelwater Standard Duty 16 gun

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This gun safe from Steelwater has a maximum capacity of 16 long guns.  That is a big step up from the smaller handgun safes we have reviewed thus far.

This brute is made of all steel, and is rated fire proof for an hour (60 minutes).  It is also door-drill and ballistic resistant, meaning this thing can take a beating and still completely protect your arsenal.

The keypad has squishy buttons that are responsive and easy to press.  As long as you know the combination, getting into the safe is quick and painless.

The inch and a half locking bolts ensure that no one is going to get into your safe and into your guns unless they have permission.  Once this safe is locked, it is locked for good.

This gun safe also includes a door organizer, which is perfect for strapping down magazines and other odds and ends.  Extremely helpful to maximize your space inside.

Overall this is a great gun safe.  Large enough to hold multiple weapons, and strong enough to resist any tampering.  This safe really does feel “safe.”

7. Kodiak KD19ECX Gun Safe

Kodiak KB19ECX Gun Safe

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The Kodiak KD19ECX is a heavy duty gun safe that will keep your guns out of other people’s hands, and safe from damage.  It is made of high quality materials, and is simply a great gun safe.

This gun safe has very traditional looks, with Kodiak’s logo front and center.  The middle handle and keypad round out the look of this safe, and it does look very nice.

The all metal construction is rated fire resistant for 30 minutes, which isn’t as much as some others on this list, but is better than not having fire resistance at all.

The spring loaded relocker is a nice touch, ensuring that if the lock is tampered with or removed, the safe stays secure.  If keeping prying hands out of your gun safe is a top priority, this safe is one of the most secure we have found.

If you want a nice big gun safe, with the capacity to hold 30 long guns and 4 handguns, this is one of the most complete storage solutions on the market.  Safety and security are well executed here, so give it a look!

8. Gun Concealment Storage Bench

Indoor 5 Gun Concealment

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If you are looking for something a little more incognito than a large gun safe, then this Gun Concealment Storage Bench may be just the thing for you.  With the look of a storage chest or an ottoman, this gun safe will fly under the radar of even the most suspicious eye.

While when you first open this chest you will be greeted with a fabric lined compartment great for storing normal everyday items, below that is the locked gun compartment.  Unlock this area to have access to the real area that can hold up to 5 long guns!

This is great if you don’t like the look of a more traditional gun cabinet or gun safe sitting in your home.  With this beautiful piece of furniture, no one will even know it is loaded with your beloved guns.

While this may be the least secure gun safe of them all, it doesn’t need to have huge metal doors and locks as it is hidden out of sight.  The simple key lock on top is perfectly sufficient.

This is a great looking piece of furniture that doubles as a gun safe.  If looks are what you are going for, this should definitely be one you check out!

9. Steelwater Heavy Duty 20

Steelwater Heavy Duty 20

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The second Steelwater gun safe on this list is the Heavy Duty 20.  Think of this as the big brother of the aforementioned Standard Duty Gun Safe.

The all steel construction adds stability to this nicely designed gun safe.  The classic exterior looks are a nice touch, and the keypad has a nice feel to it as well.

The all steel construction and other high quality materials lead to this gun safe being rated fire safe for up to 60 minutes.  An hour is a great rating for a gun safe, and should help put your mind at ease in case of an emergency.

The large interior capacity, 20 long guns maximum, is a nice upgrade from some of the smaller safes on this list.  The inside is also equipped with an automatic LED light, meaning you will never be fumbling around trying to find what you are looking for.

Another nice addition is the steel reinforced top shelf.  This ensures that you have no bending or sagging even with heavy objects on the top.

This is a great gun case.  It checks off all of the boxes you want when buying a gun safe for your home.  We highly suggest giving it a consideration.

10. Stack-On Total Defense Gun Safe

Stack-On TD-40-GP-C-S

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The name Stack-On is synonymous with fantastic gun safes.  The Total Defense Gun Safe is another great product from them, being a true total package for at home gun storage.

First, this thing is massive.  With the maximum capacity of this unit being 40 guns, you will have enough storage space for an entire arsenal.

The reinforced steel construction of this safe is robust and heavy.  The total weight of the safe is well over 500 pounds, meaning once you set this safe in place, it isn’t going anywhere easily.

This beautiful gun safe is fire resistant for up to 75 minutes, and also waterproof in up to 2 feet of standing water for 2 hours.  That really is total defense!

The lock is a 3 number combination lock, which requires turning the dial to open.  This is much more secure than newer technology, but at the expense of being slower.

This is the cream of the crop, the top dog when it comes to home gun safes.  If you are looking for the best of the best, you just found it.

Buyer’s Guide

If you are in the market for a gun safe, you need to know exactly what you need for your specific scenario.  Being well informed can keep you from making bad buying choices, and in the end, save you money.

Not everyone needs a huge 40 capacity gun safe, but you may need more than a small one pistol safe as well.  Knowing what to look for is crucial in determining which gun safe is right for you.

Type of Gun

This is definitely the most important thing you should consider when picking out a gun safe.

If you only own shotguns, you will want a safe that is large enough in size to accommodate them.  Buying a small handgun safe simply wouldn’t make sense.

If you only own a single pistol for home protection, buying a small handgun safe could be exactly what you need.  There is no need to buy a huge gun safe if you only own that single handgun.

This is specific for your situation, so just use common sense to know what fits your circumstances.

Size of Collection

As with the type of gun, the amount of guns you own is going to be another deciding factor in what safe will work for you.

The more weapons you own, the larger the safe you will need to buy.  Also, don’t forget to make sure there is room for ammunition and magazines when looking at storage space.

Square Footage

While this may sound like we are talking architecture, what we mean is how much room are you willing to give up in your home to store your weapons?  Can you only spare space in a closet or drawer?

There are safes of all shapes and sizes, so no matter how much space you have there is something out there that can accommodate your restrictions.

Kids in the Home?

One of the main reasons people buy gun safes is to keep their weapons out of children’s hands.  So the more secure the safe, the less likely they are to get their hands on them.

If you don’t have kids in your house, you can get away with a less secure safe if you aren’t worried about burglary.  But, the less secure the safe the less fire resistance it will have which can certainly be a deal breaker.


While the safe in most cases will do its job without issue, you want to make sure the safe you buy has an adequate warranty.

The best warranty is obviously the lifetime warranty.  We highly recommend trying to find a safe with a lifetime warranty so it is safe from defects and can be replaced or repaired at any time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Tactical backpacks are frequently entrusted with all the gear that soldiers may need on a mission. That includes many items that typically don’t even enter civilian minds when we prep for our outdoor adventures. If you’re still unfamiliar with a few of the terms used to describe the features of tactical backpacks, we hope we’re able to answer your questions in this section.

Why should I own a gun safe?

Keeping other people’s hands off of your guns, be it burglars or children, is the primary reason you should own a gun safe.  The added fire and sometimes water protection is also a great reason to put your guns in a safe.

Is fire resistance a must have?

The answer is no, but we highly suggest getting a safe with at least an hour of fire resistance.  This will make sure that even in the event of a house fire your guns and ammunition will be safe and will not discharge. If you own a large gun collection it might be wise to invest in a home security system.

Should I choose a mechanical or electric locking system?

While most keypads are secure in general, they simply can’t compare with a mechanical lock.  While it takes longer to get into a safe with a turn dial combination lock, they are more secure and even more tamper resistant.  Also, no need to worry about E.M.P knocking out the electricity if there is none!

Does my safe need a dehumidifier?

While not required, it is highly suggested that you add a dehumidifier to your gun safe.  It will stop moisture that causes corrosion and harms your guns.  No need to buy a safe just to have it do more harm than good.

Where should I put my gun safe?

Often the best place to store a gun safe is either in the master bedroom or an office.  This keeps it out of the main areas of the house, and less chance of unwanted persons finding and trying to open it.

Can a gun safe be installed upstairs?

The easy answer is yes, however it is much more in depth than that.  If the safe is huge, and weighs over a thousand pounds, maneuvering it to an upper story of a house will be physically impossible.  If you opt for a smaller safe, then you should have no issue installing it wherever you want.


If you own guns you owe it to yourself to also own a great gun safe.  You need to not only keep your loved ones safe from the harm that can come from accidental handling, but also from home invaders who could do you harm.

Chances are one of the gun safes in this article will fit your personal use case exactly, and we highly suggest you give them a look.  They can save you, or your loved ones lives if installed properly in your house.  Nothing is more important than that.