The Solaray Pro ZX-1 is a reliable, bright, and authentic tactical flashlight that will perform when you need it.

Solaray’s motto is “We’ll never leave you in the dark.” And that rings true with this flashlight. Ranked as the best value, the Pro ZX-1 tactical series will quickly be your favorite light.

Solaray is a dependable American brand with a 6 month warranty. For the price, it is difficult to find this kind of quality in a tactical flashlight.


The Solaray Pro ZX-1 is an ultra-bright and lightweight flashlight which is perfect to carry in a bug out bag or a tactical backpack. Capable of producing up to 1200 lumens, with 5 light modes and the option for rechargeable batteries or 3-AAA. Weighing only 5 oz and 6” long make this a great EDC light.

The flashlight is water resistant and shock proof, being made out of a good quality aluminum alloy. The flashlight has some handy features like zoom and can be mounted on different kind of guns with proper equipment.

The Pro ZX-1 is made from aircraft grade aluminum and is water-resistant for great durability. The combination of size and brightness is what sets this light apart. It only weighs 5 oz , with dimensions of 6.2×1.1×1.5 and is great for everyday carrying and maneuvering with no sacrifice in the amount of light it delivers. At 1200 lumens, this ultra-bright flashlight is a great model to consider.


The ZX-1 has 5 different light modes depending on your need, including high, medium, and low light options to conserve battery power. There is also an intruder strobe mode and emergency SOS signal. The flashlight is 1.1 x 6.25 x 1.5 in. It weighs only 5 ounces. Includes “Light Mode Memory Circuit”. This flashlight is a High Performance, High Quality, Super Bright, LED Flashlight with the ability to zoom in and out.

What we like about it

We love ultra-bright flashlights, but run-time is always a concern. The ZX-1 has a long run-time: 2 hour bright, dims for 4 hours, and up to 10 hours on low. This flashlight has an impressive throw of 150 yards and the flood beam is designed to not give any hot spots or over-spilling.

The advanced LED is also capable of zoom with an easily adjustable lens that zooms smoothly due to ridges on the outside of the lens. Another feature we love is the rapid charger to recharge the battery. However, when you’re in a bind this light can also run on 3 AAA batteries. This tactical light also has a striking bezel on the end.

Here is what some customers have said about this flashlight:

One customer wrote”Outstanding flashlight! Just what I wanted and then some. Super bright, compact and well made.”

Another satisfied customer wrote”Given as a gift to my son-in-law who farms. Many nights he has to check irrigation water or bale the hay at the right moisture. Does the job for him.”

What we don’t like about it

The light has the ability to switch between 5 light modes, but the ease of switching between each mode can sometimes be a hassle. We wish the light had a memory mode or more than a tail-switch to toggle through all 5 modes. The flashlight isn’t as high quality as some other flashlights we reviewed.


Overall, a rechargeable flashlight with a sturdy 6” body and intense light capabilities make the Solaray Pro ZX-1 a great choice. It would be a great item to add to your bug out bag checklist.  We would recommend this as a good budget friendly flashlight for simple tasks.