The Outlite A100 tactical flashlight is a good quality, budget friendly, multifunction flashlight designed to be useful in many different situations.

The Outlite A100 is a versatile and reliable flashlight, with light modes to accommodate whatever situation you find yourself in. The light has an extremely bright beam, making it a great choice for anyone in the police force, military, or security. The versatility also makes it a great option for hunting and camping trips as well.

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The Outlight A100 is a great 5-mode capable tactical flashlight. With dual power options and zoom lens, this light has earned its spot in our top ten list. The A100 comes in at a great price and is the #1 Seller on Amazon. The flashlight is light but still seems to be made with good quality. The flashlight comes loaded with different features allowing it to be utilized in different situations. 


The Outlite A100 uses a Cree XML-T6 LED bulb which produces 700 lumens on the high setting. This flashlight has a zoom ability, which allows the super to ultra-focus the beam of light up to 900 lumens on a specific area. The flashlight has 5 light modes: high, medium, low, SOS, and strobe. The light uses a rechargeable 3.7V battery which is included, but has dual power capabilities to also run with 3-AAA batteries.

What we like about it

The zoom feature of the light is very useful. The zoom lens can be modified in order to enhance and focus the already bright beam on a specific area. This light is also unique in that it can stand upright in a flat surface to resemble a candle. This is also convenient when in a situation where you need a good flood of light in an area and the ability to have your hands free.

Here is what customers are saying about this flashlight:

One person wrote:”The flashlight was just as expected. I couldn’t be any happier to receive my product! The packaging was pretty good for it just being in a small box, everything was packed away neatly and positioned well. It didn’t come with an instruction manual but I’m pretty sure it was a given to know how to operate a flashlight and how to insert a battery but for some that may not know how to do that (just saying). The rechargeable battery that came with the flashlight was precharged and I was able to test out the output lighting and wow was it bright!”

Another happy customer wrote: “I was pretty blown away by the quality of this flashlight. I’ve only had it a few days, but it’s already pretty boss. Granted, I got this light primarily for when I walk the dog — I have difficulty sometimes finding her … leavings. She’s a small dog and they’re easily hidden by even short grass sometimes. Perhaps this particular light is a bit of overkill for what is essentially the world’s lamest scavenger hunt. Nonetheless, I’m quite happy with the product.”

What we don’t like about it

The memory feature included in the flashlight is such that each time you turn off then turn on the flashlight, it automatically turns on at the next lower setting. For example, if you were using the light on high before turning it off, the next time it is switched on it is on the medium light mode. This can be inconvenient because you the have to toggle through the various light modes in order to get back to the last used setting. This flashlight is on the lower end of our Best Tactical Flashlights list. 


Overall, this is a fairly high-quality light for the price point. With dual-power capabilities, this flashlight can be counted on in whatever situation you encounter. With 5 light modes and a zoom lens feature, the Outlite A100 is a great option. We also found that the Outlite A100 is very similar to the Solaray Pro ZX-1 flashlight that we reviewed. 

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