Pemmican Recipe

Pemmican is a traditional food that, for centuries, played an important role in the diet of various Native American tribes. In time it was discovered and adopted by Western explorers, trappers, scouts and others who roamed the vast North American wilderness during frontier days.

The word is derived from the Cree (1) word pimîhkân, which denotes “grease” or “animal fat”. Below we’re going to take a close look at pemmican and provide a recipe for making this early type of emergency ration the way Lewis and Clarke might have. (more…)

Prepping Tips


Now that 2020 is in the rearview one thing seems abundantly clear: everyone owes preppers a great big apology. We can debate ad nauseum the exact forces that converged to send civilization into nice, tidy downward spiral, starting with the Middle Kingdom’s latest gift to the world. But the widely ridiculed prepper notion that the feces could hit the fan at any moment was validated beyond even the most ardent survivalist’s wildest dreams. (more…)