Let’s face it. There are so many backpacks on the market these days that it’s hard to sort through them all. The popularity of ultralight hiking has given backpack manufacturers many reasons to make packs that are lighter and lighter. But many of these packs sacrifice durability in order to reduce their overall base weight.

Some of us, however, need a pack that’s going to withstand the rigors of our favorite activities. If you need a rugged pack for hunting, hiking, camping, traveling, or tactical use, you should consider the durable and extremely affordable mPac Military Tactical Backpack. In this review, we’ll cover the technical specs, best features, and user opinions of this tactical pack.

MPac Military Tactical Backpack Review - product photo

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Technical Specs

MPac Military Tactical Backpack Review - technical specs

In terms of specifications, the reasonable place to start is with size. This pack offers a total capacity of 35 liters. The pack’s overall dimensions (height, width, depth) are 17.7” x 13” x 11”. The pack is actually made up of five separate bags that allow extensive customization of how you organize your gear. These bags are defined as main, middle, front upper, front lower, and back. Each has its own specific dimensions, which we’ve listed (in inches) below:

Main: 16.93 x 11.81 x 5.12

Middle: 16.53 x 10.43 x 3.54

Front Upper: 3.94 x 9.05 x 1.97

Front Lower: 9.65 x 8.46 x 1.97

Back: 13.97 x 11.30

The other specification we want to mention here is the manufacture of the pack’s material. The mPac is made with double-stitched 600-denier high-density, waterproof fabric. The fabric is designed to withstand exposure to heavy rain, snow, and extreme temperatures. All of the pack’s zippers are double-stitched and it also includes high-quality POM (polyoxymethylene) buckles. If you want more information on denier and what it means for fabric durability, check out this link.

Best Features

MPac Military Tactical Backpack Review - best features

When it comes to function, one of the best features of this backpack is its seamless integration of MOLLE attachments. The pack features heavy-duty MOLLE webbing that allows you to attach a variety of optional pouches, accessories, and modular tactical gear. This means that, even though the pack technically has a carrying capacity of 35 liters, you’ll be able to expand and customize the storage to meet your needs.

Additionally, the pack is hydration compatible (although it doesn’t come with a hydration bladder) and it features ventilated mesh padding on the back and shoulder straps to keep you cool when you’re working in hot environments. It also offers an ergonomic hip strap, which helps to distribute the weight of the pack evenly. This allows you to carry heavier loads for longer periods without experiencing abnormal fatigue.

For a 35-liter pack, the mPac is capable of fitting a wide variety of gear. This includes, but isn’t limited to, a sleeping bag, tent, laptop or tablet, utility knives, Thermos, flashlight, first aid kit, multi-tool, wireless radio, jacket and other clothing layers, and your water bottle. Whether you’re looking for a tactical pack or a hiking pack that’s great for day trips or overnighters, the mPac will serve your needs. 

User Opinions

MPac Military Tactical Backpack Review - user opinions

When you’re purchasing a backpack online, perhaps the best metric of quality is user reviews. This is where we can get a real sense for how others liked the pack and whether people have found it useful for the type of applications you’re interested in. After perusing several reviews online, we’ve come away with several big takeaways about this pack.

It’s Got “Range”

The first is that it has what one user referred to as “range.” In other words, this pack has the ability to adapt to a variety of uses. The same user reported that the pack had plenty of room for “eye protection and ear protection, spare magazines and all of my targets . . . lots of great pockets for all of my cleaning supplies as well.” Additionally, that same user found the pack useful for a day hike and said, “I put my camera gear, food, a picnic blanket, and even my wife’s items. The padding was excellent.”


Another user described the mPac as “everything it’s advertised to be – super rugged material, ton of space, lots of spots where you can add items on.” They also pointed out the ease of getting to supplies stored in the main compartments, as those compartments feature full-length zippers that allow them to open up much like a carry-on suitcase. This eliminates the time we’ve all spent feeling around in our pack for the items we’re looking for, or completely emptying our pack to get to that waterproof layer we foolishly packed at the very bottom. In the words of this user, “You can actually get INTO this bag!”

The mPac Military Tactical Backpack

The last (and possibly greatest) positive of this tactical backpack is the price. It’s one of the most affordable options out there and still serves its intended purpose without breaking down in a short time. We hope you’ve enjoyed this review of the mPac Military Tactical Backpack and we wish you the best of luck in all your future adventures!