The Mystery Ranch 3 Day Assault Pack is designed to be rugged, versatile, lightweight and have a high level of mobility. It comes in at our number 2 spot on our Best Tactical Backpack article.

You know you are getting a good pack when it has the word assault in the title. Alright so maybe that is a stretch but it sure makes it sound tough. We reviewed the Mystery Ranch pack to see how tough it really is.

The Mystery Ranch 3 Day Assault Pack- Designed to be the last word in assault packs. The 3 day assault pack features an innovative Y-shaped design that allows for quick and convenient access to all of your gear. The pack is designed with rows of MOLLE webbing for attaching accessories easily.

Mystery Ranch added compression straps on the side to help make the pack less bulky. The Assault pack has compartments for and can accommodate up to 3 hydration bladders with still plenty of room for other gear items.


Mystery Ranch is based in Bozeman, Montana. They are a product driven company from the beginning. Mystery Ranch is built on heritage of function, comfort, quality and durability. Since 2000, Mystery Ranch has been manufacturing packs and load carriage systems for military, hunting, wild-land fire and mountaineering customers, with a focus on use-specific designs and hand-built quality.

They use the best materials available with the most durable construction to get the job done. Mystery Ranch has developed a solid reputation at building quality gear. Their gear is a little on the expensive side but you are getting top notch gear.

The Mystery Ranch 3 Day Assault Pack is designed to be rugged, versatile, lightweight and have a high level of mobility. Mystery Ranch says ” Our 3 Day Assault pack was designed to be the last word in assault packs”.

This pack is designed to be capable of carrying all your needed gear for 3 days but also allowing easy and quick access to your gear.  Intended use: Everyday carry, patrol, Urban Assault. The pack was designed to be able to carry and store gear, food, and water needed for any challenge or adventure that comes your way.


Just like the 5.11 Tactical Rush 72, this pack is designed to be a “bug out” bag to last 3 days. The Mystery Ranch 3 day pack is loaded with valuable features. The pack features 500D Cordura fabric and YKK zippers. MOLLE webbing on the front panels which gives you options to expand, and side compression straps that minimize bulk.

Internal sleeves and ports integrate up to 3 hydration reservoirs. Volume of the pack is 1800 cubic inches making storage for 3 days ideal. Weight is 4.3 lbs. Dimensions are 18″ x 11.5″ x 8.5″(46x29x22cm).  Made in the USA. Zipper port for radio and antennae access.

What we like

Well first off we like that it’s made in the USA and has amazing quality. The pack was recently updated and is now a half a pound lighter from the previous version.  The pack features great MOLLE webbing and very convenient access to stored gear.

The innovative Y design makes getting to stored gear simple and fast. Internal compartments for water bladders and radios are extremely convenient. We recommend this pack for any use that you may have. It’s hard to beat the quality and usability of this pack.

When checking out other reviews, this are some of the key points people had to say:

This pack has some killer reviews. One guy said” I bought this to go trekking in Nepal and went to Everest Base Camp and could not have been happier. I also used this on three different deployments to Afghanistan, great for traveling and super light….. No tears, rips and made in the US…. buy it, you will not regret it.”

He really put this pack to the test and gave it the stamp of approval. Most customers agree that this is a quality pack with good tight stitching. A lot of people say that after frequent use it shows minimal signs of wear. Another common theme among customers is that this pack is used for a variety of activities and seems to do great for all of them no matter what the activity is.

What we don’t like

The pack is on the expensive side and there isn’t much padding for items at the bottom of the pack.


This pack is one of the more expensive tactical backpacks that we reviewed but we are impressed by the quality and the innovative design. The materials are high quality and the backpack is well thought out.  If you like top-notch gear with innovative technology and hard to beat quality, then this pack is for you.