Emergency Preparedness Checklist: Prepping for Beginners

2020 was a textbook case of the sh** hitting the fan with virtually no warning and really highlighted the need to make preparedness a priority. After all, if a flu that was no danger to healthy people under 60 could bring the world to a stop, what will happen if something like ebola gets loose, or China invades Taiwan, or terrorists unleash a truly deadly biological agent into the atmosphere? It won’t be pretty, that much is certain.

How well you weather the next calamity will depend in large part on how well you prepare today. With that in mind we pulled together this emergency preparedness checklist aimed at helping those with no prepping experience. Enjoy. (more…)

8 Foods That You Can Freeze Dry

Freeze drying of food as we know it has been around for more than a century. The process, also known as lyophilisation, involves freezing an item of food, lowering the pressure inside the freezing chamber, and then removing the resulting ice through the process of sublimation (1).

The taste and quality of the reconstituted item is typically better than that of dehydrated food, due to the freezing process. Some freeze dried foods can last more than 20 years and, if stored properly, retain most of their nutrients during that time.

If events of the past couple of years have convinced you of the practical need to stockpile food freeze drying is one of the best ways to do so. (more…)

What is an EMP?

We humans are pretty clever and like to think that we’re one step ahead of things most of the time. Then something like a tsunami happens, crashes over our defenses and washes entire cities off the map. Or viruses get loose and cause global chaos.

Through it all though we have our trusty electronics to stay in communication with one another and, if push comes to shove, we can always hop into the car and hightail it out of Dodge. Or can we? (more…)

First Aid Kits Treatments

First Aid Kits Treatments

Almost everyone will require first aid at some point in their lives. In an emergency or accident, you want to be prepared. You may already have a good understanding of first aid. But knowing that first aid is the immediate and first help offered to someone who is ill or injured is essential to preserving life and promoting recovery. First aid care may be sufficient for minor injuries like cuts, bruises, or burns. (more…)