Why Hunters Should Always Carry a Tactical Flashlight

Flashlights have come a long way in recent years. It wasn’t that long ago that “powerful flashlight” meant one of those foot-long plastic jobs that held 4 D batteries, produced a dim, inconsistent beam of light and weighed about 5 pounds.

Today, we have lithium-ion powered LED tactical flashlights that pump out several times the lumens of the old quadruple-D cannon, weigh about 90% less, are water-resistant and much tougher. All good things as far as hunters are concerned.

But besides the fact that they’re bright and light and water-tight, what are the specific reasons a hunter should always have one of these puppies at the ready? (more…)

What Should Be In My First Aid Kit?

What Should Be In My First Aid Kit?

Injuries and accidents can happen anywhere- at the workplace, at home, or while participating in outdoor activities like hiking or camping. Although we don’t plan for them, accidents ‌do occur. So, you must be prepared for such emergencies. No matter where you adventure or work, it is crucial to have a well-stocked first aid kit so you can deal with minor injuries and accidents. But what items should you have in your first aid kit?

If you have ever built a first aid kit for your school project, then you understand all the usual items that are required to be inside it: an antiseptic, strips of adhesive bandages, scissors, and more. Your first-aid kit can, of course, be as elaborate or as simple as you like. This post will look at essential first aid kit items that doctors say should be included in your hiking or camping gear. (more…)

Wilderness First Aid Basics

Hunters, hikers, mountain bike riders and anyone else who ventures into the wilderness needs to appreciate that injuries are a very real possibility. One of the reasons backcountry trips are exciting is because you’re disconnected from most aspects of civilization. And while being far from the urban sprawl can mean incredible stargazing it also means that if someone in your party gets hurt you, or one of your fellow adventurers will need to be the first responder of record.

Below, we’re going to take a look at some typical wilderness injury scenarios and the best ways to respond. This is not intended to substitute for real medical training. Instead, the goal is to provide you with some basic knowledge so you can respond in a productive way should an injury occur. (more…)