10 Best AR 10 Rifles (2022 Update) Buyer’s Guide

The AR-10 was created by ArmaLite designer Eugene Stoner in 1956 as a potential replacement for the Army’s outdated M1 Garand. Over the years, the AR-10 itself would enjoy only modest commercial success but go on to spawn generations of lighter variants collectively known as AR-15s.

Despite being eclipsed sales-wise by its lighter offspring, the AR-10 endured. Its long range capability, outstanding accuracy and ability to drop virtually any type of game found in North America kept it on the radar of gun enthusiasts.

Although ArmaLite continues to hold a trademark on the ‘AR-10’ designation, the patent on the platform long ago expired and today, dozens of firearms manufacturers around the world produce variants of differing quality. Below are the 10 best AR-10s for 2022. (more…)

10 Best MRE’s (2022 Update) Buyer’s Guide

The MRE, or ‘Meal Ready to Eat’ is a military invention that has found favor with ordinary citizens who understand the need to be prepared in case of natural or manmade disaster. But while they may have military roots they bear little resemblance to the canned meat served to soldiers for much of the 20th century.

An MRE today may be anything from spaghetti and meat sauce to chicken burritos, lentil stew, cheese tortellini or any of several dozen other delicious, nutritious meals. They also come in lightweight, vacuum-sealed pouches, are precooked, highly portable and will remain edible for up to 5 years.

There are a lot of different MRE options to choose from today. We’ve tested dozens of them and determined that the following are the best MREs for 2021.