Best Freeze Dryers (2023 Update) Buyer’s Guide

A freeze dryer enables you to extend the shelf life of various foods from a matter of days or weeks to years or even decades. Freeze dried food has long been a staple of mountaineering and hunting. But it is only in recent years that it has begun to receive more widespread attention.

Freeze dried food is often confused with dehydrated food. But the two are actually very different, both in how they are produced, and the quality and shelf life of the finished product. Freeze dried food typically lasts much longer and retains more of the food’s nutrient profile and taste.

Recent events have caused many people to ask legitimate questions about their level of preparedness for different crisis scenarios. This, in turn, has brought a high level of focus on things like freeze drying, and whether there are any commercially available freeze dryers for home use. Fortunately, there are. Below are the best freeze dryers on the market today. As you can see, there aren’t many brands who make a freeze dryer for home use. Harvest Right specializes in home use freeze dryers. They are having their biggest sale of the year(Mega Sale May) for the month of May.


9 Best Hazmat Suits (Update 2023) Buyer’s Guide

Whether it’s a news story of the ongoing cleanup at the Fukushima nuclear power plant or one of healthcare workers attempting to get a handle on the latest virus outbreak, the one constant is the presence of the hazmat suit. Hazmat suits are a commonplace today. But it wasn’t always so.

It was only in the aftermath of WWII, when the threat of nuclear, biological and chemical attack became all-too real, that the modern hazmat suit emerged. Today, there are 4 levels of hazmat protection ranging from fully encapsulated suits that create an independent internal environment, to the turnout gear worn by firefighters on a daily basis. Below, we’ve brought together a cross section of the best hazmat suits on the market. (more…)

10 Best Standby Generators (2023 Update) Buyer’s Guide

Predicting exactly when a prolonged power outage might occur is like predicting the precise time and location of a single lightning strike. While it might one day be possible with advancements in technology, we’re currently in a place where the best we can do is to prepare for the possibility of being without power for extended periods.

Whether it’s the result of a significant weather event or just a random screw-up by your local utility company, a prolonged power outage is a hassle. Groceries can spoil, your house can heat up (or cool down) uncomfortably, and you definitely won’t be able to watch any of your favorite shows on Netflix. (more…)

8 Best Satellite Phones (2023 Update) Buyer’s Guide

A satellite phone is perhaps one of the best examples of a survival item that you want to have and not need, rather than the other way around. Ideally, everything goes as planned and you never touch your satellite phone for the duration of your trip. But if things go sideways, being able to make contact with the outside world can easily be the difference between what will just end up as a good campfire story and an experience that can turn tragic. (more…)