9 Best Survival Lighters (2023 Update) Buyer’s Guide

When it comes to wilderness survival, there are a number of essential tools that go with you everywhere. Having at least one reliable method for starting a fire is a must, and many experienced hikers, hunters, and outdoor enthusiasts bring multiple fire starting tools on their excursions. A survival lighter is the perfect tool to rely on when you really need a fire to cook or stay warm in the wilderness. (more…)

Solaray Pro ZX-1 tactical flashlight review

The Solaray Pro ZX-1 is a reliable, bright, and authentic tactical flashlight that will perform when you need it.

Solaray’s motto is “We’ll never leave you in the dark.” And that rings true with this flashlight. Ranked as the best value, the Pro ZX-1 tactical series will quickly be your favorite light.

Solaray is a dependable American brand with a 6 month warranty. For the price, it is difficult to find this kind of quality in a tactical flashlight.

7 Best Recurve Bows (Update 2023) Buyer’s Guide

In the hands of an experienced archer, the recurve bow is an extremely useful hunting weapon. A modern recurve bow will make you a better shooter and deadly hunter. Even in the hands of a novice archer, the recurve bow is a great tool for target practice and the refinement shooting form and accuracy.

The limbs of a recurve bow curve away from the archer when unstrung, which means a recurve bow stores more energy and delivers energy more efficiently than a straight-limbed bow. This all boils down to a faster, deadlier arrow (1).