10 Best Range Bags (2022 Update) Buyer’s Guide

Range bags are designed to enable safe, secure transport of your sidearm to and from the gun range. They have dedicated pockets for your firearm, magazines, and various peripheral items and they are built to withstand the weight and wear and tear that comes with the territory.

Range bags are not a luxury, they are a necessity. In our increasingly dangerous world it is imperative that you have a safe, secure way to transport your weapon(s), ammo and other related items from point A to point B. The range bag provides that.

The quality of available range bags can vary considerably and it is not always possible to tell from a couple of photos whether a particular range bag is worth the investment. So we’ve done the time-consuming research for you and determined that the following are the 10 best range bags for 2022. (more…)

10 Best AR-15’s (2022 Update) Buyer’s Guide

The AR-15 is one of the great American firearms. It’s dependable, versatile, lightweight and can be fully customized. For all those reasons and more it has found favor with the military, range shooters, hunters and law enforcement. While Colt held the exclusive rights to produce the AR-15 until the late 1990s (and still owns the name ‘AR-15’) virtually every major gun manufacturer now produces their own AR-15 style gun.

So knowing which ones are worth the investment and which ones aren’t can seem a daunting task. That’s why we’ve done the homework for you and compiled the following list of the 10 best AR-15 rifles on the market today. (more…)