How to pack a Tactical Backpack

A tactical backpack can be an invaluable asset, or it can make your day an insufferable, painful slog. If it does, however, it’s not the pack’s fault. A lot of thought goes into the design of the best tactical backpacks, but whether they live up to their promise depends in large part on whether the people packing them know what they’re doing.

Below we’re going to take a comprehensive look at the tactical backpack, how it’s built, what to put in it and, most of all, the right way to pack it. (more…)

9 Best Survival Lighters (2023 Update) Buyer’s Guide

When it comes to wilderness survival, there are a number of essential tools that go with you everywhere. Having at least one reliable method for starting a fire is a must, and many experienced hikers, hunters, and outdoor enthusiasts bring multiple fire starting tools on their excursions. A survival lighter is the perfect tool to rely on when you really need a fire to cook or stay warm in the wilderness. (more…)

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