10 Best Portable Chargers (Update 2021) Buyer’s Guide

In the modern era, we need our phones and devices more than ever. We rely on them to do business and communicate with others to coordinate our outdoor excursions. That’s why having a portable charger will save you a lot of headaches.

Keeping a portable charger handy will allow you to recharge your phone without needing an outlet, and it’ll help to guarantee your phone doesn’t shut off just when you’re finalizing the last minute details for that upcoming hunting or fishing trip. (more…)

10 Best Thermos (Update 2021) Buyer’s Guide

The value of a warm beverage on the trail when temperatures are dropping is hard to calculate. When you need it, though, a great thermos will keep tea, coffee, soup, or other ‘pick-me-ups’ warm for hours. Carrying a thermos is also a great way to avoid pulling out your stove and spending unnecessary time heating up water while you could be moving along on your way.

The Thermos brand is obviously one of the most trusted names out there, but there are a variety of companies that also offer quality thermoses.

Our list of the 10 Best Thermoses will help you narrow down your selection. (more…)

10 Best Fire Starters (2022 Update) Buyer’s Guide

A quality fire starter is a piece of gear that should always live in your backpack. Fire is so essential to your comfort and survival because it provides warmth, visible light if you’re in need of rescue, a means of purifying water and cooking food, and can help you ward off predators and annoying insects.

Fire starters will have your back when you forgot a lighter or matches. They’re also less resource-intensive than both of those options because they don’t rely on fuel, wood, or perchlorate and packaging materials. (more…)