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The Vizeri LED VZ460 tactical flashlight is a heavy-duty pocket sized but dangerously bright tactical flashlight loaded with different features and modes.

This flashlight is so bright that Vizeri claims that the VZ460 blazes more white light than 6 standard flashlights combined. We like this flashlight so much that it is featured in our Best Tactical Flashlights page.

Vizeri is one of the top brands in the tactical flashlight industry. One of the great things about the Vizeri brand is they offer a lifetime warranty. If you have any problems arise with your flashlight, they will refund or replace the light. They are so sure that customers will be satisfied that they offer a guaranteed full return policy.


This Vizeri light is built to be tough. The body is made of aircraft-grade aluminum with Anoshield finish. It is IPX-7 waterproof, water-resistant in up to 3 feet of water. The zoom feature has o-rings to help seal out water. It is also built very practically.

They incorporated a threading tube that attaches the components versus the pressure fixings you’ll find in cheaper flashlights. This is just another great feature you’ll get with this light. There are also no wires in the Vizeri that could break with impact and the springs are gold-plated for connections that won’t corrode.

Vizeri utilizes a mirrored Lumenboost vacuum coated aluminum optical reflector for added brightness. This same light is available in either 230 or 460 lumen models depending on the power you need. That is advertised as powerful as either 25 or 50 standard incandescent flashlights. The bulb is a CREE T6 XML LED.


This is another flashlight that gives you the option of using rechargeable batteries or regular which is the kind of flexibility we love. It either runs on AAA batteries or CR123 alkaline batteries. This is a great feature to be able to use cheap AAA batteries when in a bind. The flashlight comes with a lithium-ion battery end cap adapter as well as the AAA battery adapter, which also allows you the option to use 18650 lithium batteries as well, which are also easier to find overseas if you use the flashlight when traveling. The lithium-ion batteries are recommended if you will be using the flashlight in the high mode.

The 230 features 5 different light modes: high, medium, low, SOS, and strobe. The light also features a built in memory that remembers the last mode you used. No more pushing the button through each mode every time you turn it on. The LED bulb is able to run for 100,000 hours.

The Vizeri 230 has many features that make it stand out from competitors. We love the ability to switch between various power supplies with the adaptor, with your choice of CV, AAA, or lithium ion. The light also includes a lamp diffuser and holster with a D ring which allows you the versatility of using the light while its, hanging which is especially convenient when camping.

The diffuser attaches to the top and spreads the light to truly give the feel of using a lantern. In addition, the light has a focusing lens allowing you to direct the beam as needed. This is special as the light is rated as IPX7 waterproof, but most truly waterproof flashlights don’t have the ability to focus the beam.

Vizeri has added o-rings and other features to allow the light to have the zoom feature while still maintaining its water protection. This light also features a twist focus instead of a telescoping focus, which means the focus will stay exactly where you put it even when bumped.

There are also many accessories available for this light, such as: bike mount, weapon mount, remote tactical switch, orange diffuser, and lithium batteries. This flashlight is very versatile and can be carried in a Bug out Bag or a Tactical Backpack

What we like about it

For the price, the V460 provides an incredible amount of power and options. The flexible power options is always useful when charging the light isn’t possible. We also like that the light has 5 light modes to conserve power if you don’t need all 460 lumens of the high mode all the time. The additions of the SOS mode along with the strobe function for defense are added protections for you or your loved one.

We also like how many different accessories you can purchase to suit your individual needs, but the light still comes with the diffuser, holster, and carabiner to allow for that hanging lantern-effect if you desire. Ultimately, the flexibility and functionality of this flashlight easily land it in our top ten list.

Here is what we found customers are saying about this flashlight.

One customer said: “This is the first tactical light I have ever purchased that came with extra o-rings. It also came with a belt holster, light-dispersion cone, wrist lanyard, and the two battery options. This flashlight could be sold for twice the price and it would still be a great deal. I will definitely remember to check out Vizeri for my next light purchase!”

What we don’t like about it

The flashlight seems to be cheaply made but at this price, its hard to complain. The button seemed a little finicky to control which mode it was in.


We conclude that the value of the various light modes, along with the focus lens and lifetime warranty that make this purchase truly an investment in a quality light.  This light is at a great price point and customers are seeing the value that it offers. Ultimately, the flexibility and functionality of this flashlight easily land it in our top ten list.

Click here for the best price on Amazon