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The SureFire G2X is a USA made tactical flashlight that is lightweight and compact but still is very powerful.

The flashlight is very simple in operation making it easy to use, which is just one of the reasons it makes on our Best Tactical Flashlights list. SureFire is a leader among the industry and are one of the most trusted brands for good reason. They continue to produce quality products as well.

 They proudly make all their equipment in the USA. SureFire is a name known for high quality tactical gear, and often ends up on recommended lists. They are a well recognized brand and have been around for many years and offers a lifetime warranty. The G2X is made of a lightweight, Nitrolon polymer that is very durable and provides a secure hold.


The head of the light is made out of a Mil-Spec hard-anodized aluminum for added durability, especially if needed to be used as a weapon. Also included are O-rings and gasket seals to provide a barrier against moisture and dust. The LED emitter is practically indestructible and is designed to maximize run-time and light output. The SureFire G2X includes a variety of designs in the series: Pro, Tactical, CombatLight, and Law Enforcement. Each design has a slightly different body style so users can select the one that fits their grip best. 

The SureFire G2X offers two different outputs. The high mode produces 400 lumens of white light which uses a parabolic reflector to focus the beam and provide a large reach and surround light. The lower output has a useful 15 lumen beam to increase battery efficiency while still providing enough light for whatever you need. The beam is smooth and at optimal performance due to the precision micro-textured reflector.


The dimensions of the light are 5.2×1.5×1.5 inches. Weighing only 4.5 ounces, this light is very lightweight and the size makes it an ideal edc choice. The Surefire G2X is powered by 2 SureFire 123A Lithium Batteries which come included with the light. The batteries are designed to have a 10 year shelf life, built in short-circuit and heat protection, and are able to withstand large temperature variations. The batteries are also made in the USA. Some users chose to use rechargeable batteries instead of the ones provided. When used continuously on the high, 400-lumen beam, the batteries last around 2.5 hours. The low 15-lumen beam, battery conserving output lasts for approximately 45 hours. The G2X has two light modes. The high output produces a 400 lumen beam, while the low output produces a 15 lumen beam.

It is easy to switch between modes using the device’s click-style tactical tail cap switch. When simply clicked, the light automatically puts out 400 lumens in either a momentary or constant-on mode providing a tactical advantage in situations where you need the bright light without having to think about it. If you want to use the low light mode, simply press again and hold for two seconds.

This flashlight is geared towards law enforcement or others who need the ability to have immediate access to an intense bright light. The simplicity of having one switch that when pressed provides the high output 400 lumens is very helpful for when seconds matter. Clicking transitions from either a momentary 400 lumen beam to a constant-on 400 lumen beam. For more EDC purposes, simply hold the button down for 2 seconds to generate a 15 lumen beam.

What we like about it

As a simple and quick tactical flashlight, this light is very intuitive. We like the ability to have instant access to a 400 lumen beam while only having to worry about one switch to click on the tail end. The flashlight is rugged and functional, a perfect choice for anyone who desires an everyday-carry light that is professional grade at a low price point.

The G2X is also available in six colors: black, desert tan, fluorescent orange, fluorescent yellow, forest green, and yellow. This light makes our list because of the high performance and its practically indestructible LED light emitter. Although the flashlight is a little small to be used for self defense, the ease of use and durability make this SureFire another great choice for a tactical flashlight. The flashlight can easily be carried in a Bug out Bag or a Tactical Backpack

This is what we have found customers are saying about this flashlight: One customer wrote ” Wow! What an improvement over the original G2. Much brighter with 320 lumens. I like the tail switch with click on/off or press in for momentary light.” Another person said, “This was recommended by a co-worker. Awesome little flashlight! Fits well in hand, even with gloves on.”

What we don’t like about it

The flashlight isn’t at bright as we had hoped that it would be. The light also doesn’t seem as focused. Not the best reviews on customer service.


This is a great flashlight with a indestructible reputation. SureFire backs up the flashlight with a warranty should you need it. Overall it seems to be a high quality light for a relatively low price.

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