The Streamlight ProTac 88040 HL Flashlight is a compact,  programmable flashlight that is bright and powerful designed for a long product life.

This light is one of our favorites in our Best Tactical Flashlights page due to its brightness offered at an affordable price. The LED power regulation technology provides the most brightness out of each battery you purchase, which is important especially when the batteries are not rechargeable.

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Streamlight is know to produce quality products. They specialize in manufacturing tactical, weapon mount & safety rated flashlights, lanterns & headlamps, and other products for the military. They also offer a limited lifetime warranty covering manufacturing problems, providing added peace of mind if you encounter any defects.


This light is made from anodized aircraft aluminum to provide powerful protection. This is especially important with tactical flashlights so you don’t need to worry about dropping and damaging anything. It is 1 meter impact resistance tested. This device is also waterproof to 1 meter for 30 minutes, adding to its durability. It also has an o-ring sealed glass lens and an anti-roll face cap which stops the light from rolling away from you when you set it down.

This flashlight uses C4 LED technology for extreme brightness lasting up to 50,000 hour lifetime.  On the highest setting, is flashlight provides 750 lumens with a throw of up to 270 meters. The lowest setting is 35 lumens that reaches 60 meters, not super powerful but definitely enough light to be able to see. Although the low setting is only 35 lumens, it’s ability to conserve battery power is pretty impressive. On the low setting it can run for 18 hours straight. Optimized electronics provide regulated intensity. 

The batteries can last up to eighteen hours on a single charge. On the highest setting, the batteries will still last about an hour. This torch has some pretty impressive technology built into the LED solid state power regulation system. This system works to guarantee that each battery generates as much light output as possible for the most efficient use of each battery.


The flashlight only weighs 5.6 ounces(155.92 grams), making it very easy to carry around as an EDC light. It measures 5.2x 1.4x 1.4 inches. This device runs on 2 CR123A batteries (included). Multi-function, push-button tail switch which allows for easy one-handed operation. The flashlight features an anti-roll head which prevents the light from rolling away after you set it down. 

This flashlight has three different modes: high, low, and strobe. Having three modes is helpful and provides flexibility depending on your needs. The strobe feature can be used as a distress call or to blind and disorient an attacker. High: 750 lumens; 18,300 candela peak beam intensity; runs 1.25 hours. Low: 35 lumens; 900 candela peak beam intensity; 60 m beam distance; runs 18 hours. Strobe: runs 2.5 hours. C4 LED technology for ultimate brightness and LED solid state regulation system for most efficient use of battery output.

What we like about it

Looking to get the most bang for your buck with a mid-range tactical flashlight, Streamlight offers a great option. We especially like the brightness derived from the C4 LED technology and the LED power regulation system t get the ultimate level of brightness out of each battery. One downside is this device does not use rechargeable batteries, and the cost of replacement batteries needs to be factored in to your purchase price.

The Streamlight 1 year warranty is appealing to those concerned about receiving a defective or damaged product. Streamlight stands by their lights and will replace or repair anything shown to have defects. Overall, for the cost this is a superior flashlight when compared to others in the same price range.

When checking out other reviews, these are some of the key points people had to say:

“Good product for the price. Pocket clip is strong and functional. Nice that it can be clipped to a hat without having to take the clip off and flip it backwards. Nicely redesigned. Light is bright with a neutral tint. ” Another pleased customer said: “Small, bright, lightweight, programmable. Perfect EDC light. There really isn’t a reason/excuse to not carry a flashlight- everyday. The ProTac is a great flashlight.” Another one wrote” I’ve carried a Streamlight ProTac for the last 4 years. I work in a machine shop and have absolutely beat the thing up and it hasn’t missed a beat.”

What we don’t like about it

The flashlight isn’t rechargeable so if you use it on the high setting frequently you will go through a lot of batteries. It also is on the large side for pocket carry.


The flashlight has a lot of different features making it a great option for multiple uses. A lot of people  carry a tactical flashlight in a tactical backpack or a bug out bag. Even though the flashlight isn’t rechargeable, the technology and features help make each battery last a lot longer.  The flashlight also is very compact and is at a great price for a tactical flashlight.

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