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The 5.11 Rush Moab 10 pack is a single strap sling pack that allows easy front/back accessibility with plenty of storage space.

5.11 Tactical is a trusted name in the industry. If you like 5.11 check out other tactical backpacks they have including the Rush 72. This RUSH series is designed to be quick “grab and go” pack when you need it most. MOAB is an acronym for Mobile Operation Attachment Bag,  and all of the MOAB packs are made with the ability to connect and carry them together if needed.

This pack is more of a small to mid sized range bag, the idea being that it can be strapped onto your larger pack and in a scenario when you need to get out quick for only a 1-3 day use, you can grab this pack and go. See how this tactical backpack ranked against others.(Hint it ranked pretty well)


The single strap design is becoming more popular for tactical backpacks. The idea being that it’s quicker to grab the pack and sling it over your shoulder and go than it is to put on and adjust a two strap pack.

A two strap pack is obviously the more traditional style, but if you’re looking for something easy to grab and go and aren’t as concerned about the ability to carry large amounts of weight for long periods of time, a sling pack is an innovative new option.


The MOAB 10 has a total capacity of 1093 cubic inches/ 18 liters. It features zippered compartments which offer a variety of internal storage options.

Main compartment:  18.25”H X 9”L x 5.25” D.

Front compartment:  12.5” H X 8” L X 2” D(Ideal for a flashlight, pocket knife, or other quick access items.)

Shoulder strap pocket: 5”H X 3.5” L X 1.75” D

Hydration pocket:  9.5” H x9” L

Some of the organizational features are a fleece lined sunglass pocket, key chain fobs, internal and external webbing to attach additional gear, flag and name tape Velcro, and a coms pocket on the strap with an earbud/ mic pass-through.

The pack also has a carrying handle and is hydration bladder compatible (1.5L) and features a pass-through port. The pack has a 5.11 Tier system, which enables the pack to be attached to any of the packs in the RUSH series.

The pack is durable and water resistant with 1050D nylon, and the zippers are YKK self healing. The pack is available in 4 color options:  black, sandstone, double tap, and storm.

What We Like About It

The single sling strap option is great for quick grab and go or for carrying the pack across your body. In this position the bag can be flipped to the front in a horizontal position, with easy zipper access to the main pockets.

The strap is also ambidextrous, so it can be adjusted to be worn over either shoulder depending on preference. The pack also features a concealed carry pouch, capable of holding a full sized firearm. The pouch is hidden, but in a great location to be able to grab and draw the weapon pretty quickly.

Here are some things customers have said about this pack.

One customer wrote: “I’ve had this pack for about 4 years now. I use it for work (laptop, cords, note pad, etc), kids sports (3x 40oz water bottles, food), range (with 2 6×6 bags attached on the front), and it is the best travel bag if you are spending time in parks (we do Disney). The size and storage room is right on. Two things that stand out for this use are that you can just pull the bag and rotate it so it’s resting on your chest to retrieve things from inside (huge advantage over a two strap pack), and the best is that in order to take the bag off for bag checks, you can undo the single fastex buckle instead of pulling the whole bag over your head. Build quality and durability are excellent.”

Another happy customer wrote:”This is a very durable, very capable, and very convenient pack. It does what it claims to do and does it to a highly commendable standard. My only gripe is more due to me and how I use packs, not a flaw of the pack itself. The Rush 10 is big enough to load up beyond what I find comfortable for a single strap pack for any long distance haul. If you add molle pouches, this can start reaching capacity and weight of a full on ruck sack. At that point, as padded as it may be, still puts all the weight on one shoulder. If you like single strap packs, I’d bet you’d be hard pressed to find a better pack. But if you, like me, cannot find the discipline to not bring everything and the kitchen sink, you may find the pack will hold the load fine and your single shoulder will not.”

Customers seem to appreciate the ease of switching which strap the pack is worn on and feel that it is good quality and built to last. Some feel that the pack has so many organizational compartments that it can easily be filled beyond a comfortable weight for a sling pack, so it’s important to be sure that you don’t overload the pack since all the weight will be distributed onto one shoulder instead of the traditional two shoulders.

What We Don’t Like About It

Although we like the single strap design, it is limiting in how much weight you can comfortably pack around. We wish it had the option like some other sling packs to attach a second strap if we needed it.


Overall the MOAB 10 is a great option for a sling pack. The shoulder and pack have comfortable padding and we like that the strap is ambidextrous and can easily be switched to whichever side you want to carry on. If you are looking for a similar pack but without the single strap, check out the 5.11 Tactical Rush 24

The pack has good organization options, both inside and out and we like that it can be attached to other Rush packs. If you are looking for a relatively inexpensive and reliable grab and go pack, the 5.11 MOAB 10 is a solid choice. 

Buy the 5.11 Rush Moab 10 Backpack Here